Summer Stays


I know what you’re thinking. Based on the title, this a blog post about summer vacation destinations. But this isn’t Expedia, and I’m not a travel agent.

Summer is just around the corner, which means the tears of college students everywhere will soon subside and be quickly replaced by pure elation. Here are five stays to get you to and through the hot summer days:

Stay confident.

You’re almost there. You’ve almost survived another semester. You can do this. You’ll be back again in a few months to do it all over again, but that’s okay. Enjoy your time off and embrace the challenges you face head on.

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A Weekend in Arkansas

2017-03-20 11.35.56 1.jpg

There’s something special about escaping to nature. There’s something even more special when you get to do it with a group of friends.

Spring break is finally here and there was no better way to start it off than road tripping three and a half hours to Ponca, Arkansas and the Buffalo National River with 12 friends for a weekend away.

We packed our cars, piled in, and began our adventure. We arrived at our campsite just before sundown, set up camp, then relaxed around the campfire amidst good friends and good conversation.

Darkness crept in and with it came a beautiful light show, not stars, but lightning. We watched as it rolled in but it didn’t dampen our spirits. Within the next hour, the ranger came by letting us know the area was under a severe weather warning.

The rain started slowly but began to come more steadily. We packed away what couldn’t get wet into our cars, then piled into our tents. Before we knew it, it was pouring. We were safe in our tents, or so we thought. The rain began to seep in from all sides, making for quite a night. Half of the group resorted to sleeping in cars, while the other half remained steadfast and soaking wet inside their tent.

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A Cure for College


College is tough. Ask nearly any current or former college student and they will likely tell you the same. I am in my third year and college definitely has not become easier, It’s actually become harder.

How do you college students enjoy themselves on empty stomachs, empty wallets, and full schedules?

I know one response many college students would have—parties. A stereotype college students have is that we party, and well, frankly, it’s true. However, it’s not true of all college students. I for one do not. I have been to my fair share of parties, but since I don’t drink the party scene quickly became bleak.

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