Social Media Minimalism

Minimalism is commonly misconstrued as the radical notion of getting rid of everything you own. However, that is not true—not even close. Minimalism is about living a simple life, one with less stress and more meaning. While getting rid of your tangible clutter is a huge step in the right direction, the minimalist lifestyle can be applied to nearly every aspect of life.

One of those aspects is social media. Social media can be distracting, full of clutter, and downright stressful sometimes. It isn’t all bad though, as it has a multitude of benefits. For example, connecting with like-minded individuals (other minimalists, for example), keeping in touch with relatives and friends who may not live near you, or raising awareness for a campaign or organization.

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Hot Tub in a Lightning Storm

Finals week is upon us. Arguably, the most stressful time of the semester for college students. If any sleep was found during the semester, consider it now lost. Empty bank accounts are put toward energy drinks, coffee, and fast food. Of course, that’s only if you make it out of the library long enough to purchase one of these necessities.

My two roommates are seniors, while I am only a junior, so this is their last run before they walk and in order to prepare for the upcoming week, we took the opportunity to get away. My roommate’s parents own a lake house on Table Rock Lake, so we packed up the car on Friday and left for the weekend.

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