Social Media Minimalism

Minimalism is commonly misconstrued as the radical notion of getting rid of everything you own. However, that is not true—not even close. Minimalism is about living a simple life, one with less stress and more meaning. While getting rid of your tangible clutter is a huge step in the right direction, the minimalist lifestyle can be applied to nearly every aspect of life.

One of those aspects is social media. Social media can be distracting, full of clutter, and downright stressful sometimes. It isn’t all bad though, as it has a multitude of benefits. For example, connecting with like-minded individuals (other minimalists, for example), keeping in touch with relatives and friends who may not live near you, or raising awareness for a campaign or organization.

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Please Turn It Down

In today’s society, we’re bombarded by noise. If we’re not multitasking, we’re wasting time. I noticed this in my own life recently when I switched my major from biology to public relations. I can’t say my new major is less demanding than my old one, it just demands differently. I used to have to spend hours memorizing animal reproductive systems, now I spend my time writing blog posts.

It used to be that I would come home from classes and immediately start working on an assignment due the next day or start studying for a test. Once I made the switch, I had a lot more free time, but I had developed a problem. I was now hardwired to work—constantly. Rather than enjoying my new free time, I stressed myself out over nothing. What should I be working on? What am I forgetting?

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Becoming a Minimalist in College

I am in my third year of college and late last semester I was turned on to the idea of minimalism. Now, being a college student, my life already represented that of a minimalist since I didn’t have much to my name as it was. What would make me want to get rid of the stuff I did have?

The answer is simple. Actually, the answer is simplicity. Even though I already didn’t own much compared to a career man with a house, wife, and kids, I still owned too much. I had clothes I never wore, shoes I hadn’t put on since the day I purchased them, and plenty of other clutter in my life.

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