Hopeless Bromantic

I was never good at loving other men well. As my walk with Christ continued to grow, I learned how important having deep, meaningful relationships with other guys was. It didn’t happen right away for me, but eventually, I learned how to bring down my walls so I could let love in. It wasn’t easy, but God made it possible. That’s just what He does.

It was during a mission trip when I learned it was okay to be honest with other guys and tell them my struggles. I couldn’t stand it at first, I felt uncomfortable and exposed, but it turned out most of the guys I spent the summer with were struggling with the same things I was. I experienced life-changing growth when I allowed myself to open up, to be loved. That’s exactly the way God intended it.

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Until You’re Ready

I’m 22 years old, single, and a Christian. If you know anything about young Christians in today’s society, I appear to be an anomaly.

Why am I still single? What’s wrong with me?

Absolutely nothing. The truth is being single (and Christian) at this age is normal. Yes, there are plenty of young married couples, but just because that’s what we see all over social media doesn’t mean it’s the norm.

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Hot Tub in a Lightning Storm

Finals week is upon us. Arguably, the most stressful time of the semester for college students. If any sleep was found during the semester, consider it now lost. Empty bank accounts are put toward energy drinks, coffee, and fast food. Of course, that’s only if you make it out of the library long enough to purchase one of these necessities.

My two roommates are seniors, while I am only a junior, so this is their last run before they walk and in order to prepare for the upcoming week, we took the opportunity to get away. My roommate’s parents own a lake house on Table Rock Lake, so we packed up the car on Friday and left for the weekend.

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