A Cure for College


College is tough. Ask nearly any current or former college student and they will likely tell you the same. I am in my third year and college definitely has not become easier, It’s actually become harder.

How do you college students enjoy themselves on empty stomachs, empty wallets, and full schedules?

I know one response many college students would have—parties. A stereotype college students have is that we party, and well, frankly, it’s true. However, it’s not true of all college students. I for one do not. I have been to my fair share of parties, but since I don’t drink the party scene quickly became bleak.

Why do so many college students party?

It’s fun. It’s carefree. Ultimately, it’s an escape. Weeks can be grueling; schoolwork, exams, clubs and sports, all add up to one stressed out individual. Weekends become the time to get away from your problems—at least for a moment.

However, I think I know a better solution. Most college students have a strong desire to travel, to get away. It brings about a sense of freedom and fulfillment. Whether it’s heading into a big city or the great outdoors, embracing adventure fills your soul.

Where are broke college students supposed to come up with the money to travel?

I don’t know much about alcohol, but I do know one thing—it’s expensive. I have friends who spend $50 or more at the bars in one night. That adds up pretty quickly when you think about how often college students go to the bars or purchase alcohol for house parties. Imagine saving that money until you had enough for a real weekend getaway.

You don’t have to have a lot of money to travel. You just have to put your money towards things that are truly rewarding. If you want to escape, then escape. If there’s a city you want to go to, start saving your money now. If there’s a national park you want to explore, set aside money every week until you have enough to make it happen! Anything is possible. Be optimistic. Find your escape. Fill your soul.


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